Research Groups

The following research groups exist at the University of Waikato.

Audience Research Unit (ARU)
The Audience Research Unit aims to provide a forum for interrogating established audience research traditions within the humanities and social sciences. We address in our own practice the opportunities for new forms of qualitative and quantitative research into the contemporary mediascape, and our focus is on theoretically-informed, multi-disciplinary research activities.

Coastal Marine Group (CMG)
The Coastal Marine Group carries out pure and applied multidisciplinary research in estuarine and coastal waters. Core group members reside in the Departments of Biological and Earth & Ocean Sciences within the Faculty of Science and Engineering but collaborate closely with associates in other disciplines across the University, nationally and internationally.

Cyber Security Researchers of Waikato (CROW)
The Cyber Security Researchers of Waikato aim to return control of data to data owners, by focusing on research addressing data security from a user-centric perspective. CROW focuses on six major themes: Provenance, User-Centricity, Visualisation, Economics, Hardware, and Tools & Datasets.

Learning, Behaviour and Welfare Research Unit (LBWRU)
The research activity of this group is aimed at advancing the understanding of human and animal behaviour. The research includes application of psychological principles to human behaviour problems and the improvement of animal welfare.

Māori and Psychology Research Unit
The Māori and Psychology Research Unit (MPRU) is to provide a catalyst and support network for advancing research which has at its centre the psychological needs, aspirations, and priorities of Māori people.

Historical Research Unit
The Historical Research Unit aims to facilitate and promote research in public history, to provide a supportive environment for the development of research capabilities in public history and to position the University of Waikato as a centre of public history research expertise, both locally and internationally.

Text and Translation Research Unit
Text and translation research is a broad concept which includes many disciplines within its practice, and comprises a wide range of areas of research and scholarship.

Thermophile and Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology Unit
The Thermophile and Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology Unit carries out research primarily on microorganisms associated with extreme environments.

Traffic and Road Safety Research Group
The Traffic and Road Safety (TARS) Research Group has established an international reputation and is an independent provider of quality research for a wide range of public and private organisations.

Waikato Applied Statistics Unit
The Waikato Applied Statistics Unit carries out applied research, contributes to courses in applied statistics and supplies advice to University and external clients.

Waikato Engineering Education Research Unit
The Waikato Engineering Education Research Unit aims to improve learning outcomes for engineering students and to work with the engineering community to provide a relevant and engaging curriculum for future engineers.

Waikato Gender Research Network
The Waikato Gender Research Network (WGRN) is a cross-discipline collective of staff and students within the University of Waikato who have shared research interests in gender related issues.

WAND Network Research Group
The WAND Network Research Group undertakes contract research and consulting in the telecommunications and computer networks field.

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