Tasman McKelvey

Environmental Monitoring Technician, Lincoln Agritech Ltd - New Zealand

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Science (Technology)
  • Earth Sciences

The interdisciplinary and systematic study of the earth’s natural resources, environmental systems and processes and natural hazards led Earth Sciences Graduate Tasman McKelvey’s to his role as an Environmental Monitoring Technician for Lincoln Agritech Ltd.

Tasman now works within the environmental group which specialises in research surrounding New Zealand's freshwater resources.

“Currently, the group is focused on the Transfer Pathways Programme (TPP), which aims to quantify pathway-specific transfers of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) within freshwater systems. As part of this, I am heavily involved with set-up and maintenance of environmental monitoring systems, management and flow of data, and data analysis – so that we can better understand, model, and ultimately manage our freshwater systems” says Tasman.

Tasman, who attended both Tuakau College and Mount Maunganui College, completed a Bachelor of Science (Technology) majoring in Earth Sciences and loved the experience he gained from his practical hands on degree.

“It is such a flexible and job-orientated degree that incorporates both management as well as science and technology. I really enjoyed the degree's flexibility and broad subject scope, as it allowed me to pursue my own interests and provided a more well-rounded understanding of many scientific fields also and the business of science. Waikato also has such a great campus, in an excellent location with fantastic facilities” says Tasman.

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